Our Core Values

Values that define our church identity…

Biblical Truth
God’s Word is the ultimate source of truth.  Applying it illuminates our way and gives us direction in life.

Lost Souls
God sent Jesus with a mission to seek out the spiritually lost.  His mission is our mission.  Lost people matter to God and therefore they matter to us.

Transformed Lives
God never leaves us where he finds us.  A genuine encounter with God will always result in a genuine life change.

Loving Relationships
How we relate to one another is the distinguishing mark of our faith.  The love we have for others is the clearest indicator of genuine faith and the greatest testimony we have.

Spiritual Growth
Growing closer to God is a life-long endeavor.  A continual pursuit of His Kingdom is a requirement in becoming like Christ.

Joyful Generosity
Generosity is our natural response to God’s grace.  We are compelled to live sacrificial lives because of all that God has done for us.  Our generosity is measured by our sacrificial giving and selfless service to God and His purposes.

Values that define our church culture…

Sincere Prayer
When we work, we work.  When we pray, God works.  Our constant reliance upon God is indicated by our constant devotion to prayer.  It is our first resort and an important element in every aspect of the church.

Spirit-Led Encounters
Knowing God and knowing about Him are two different things.  Therefore, we feel very strongly that it is important to create environments where people can truly encounter God.  We do this by being submissive to the Holy Spirit and by allowing Him to direct all of our worship experiences.

Cultural Relevance
The Gospel message has never gone out of style but its method of delivery changes with culture.  We believe in being flexible with our methods however we preach the whole gospel and that is not negotiable.

Focused Simplicity
A continued focus on our mission keeps our church from becoming complex.  All of our ministries serve the same purpose and are aligned with our vision and mission.